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Professional Analytics & Reporting Development

At Caputo Digital, we offer customized reporting unique to each client. We offer easy to read & beautiful reports that go deeper than most out of the box solutions. Learn more about how we can bring your business intelligence to the next level.

  • Professional installation and configuration of analytics suites
  • Customized development / reporting for executives
  • Search engine position tracking
  • Analytics to CRM integrations
  • Tie ROI to each of your traffic sources with end to end tracking
  • Highly detailed, easy to read and understand reports

GA4 Installation & Customization

Google Analytics 4 offers a wide variety of ways to customize what and how you measure your app and website users. Let us help you get set up for the long run with development and consulting for:

  • Custom event installation & configuration
  • Google tag manager configuration
  • Goal & ROI tracking
  • Solutions for multi-domain , subdomain, or multi-location operations
  • Looker studio reports
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Discover Our Custom Reporting and Analytics Solutions

Caputo Digital offers a comprehensive suite of custom reporting and analytics services, tailored to enhance your data-driven decision-making and optimize your digital marketing strategies. Dive into our specialized offerings to find the ideal solutions that align with your unique business objectives.

Your Questions Answered: Expert Insights and Solutions

What is involved with custom report development?

Custom reporting development can vary greatly depending on what your business needs to measure and what you currently have in place to store and log information. Most custom builds involve bridging gaps between tools like google analytics, and first party data stored by your business. This could mean building tools to track outcomes back to the website visit, putting a $ value on each website traffic source, or building new internal tools to evaluate specific business scenarios.

Can you help train my team to use Google Analytics better?

Yes, we offer consulting services where an expert can act as a guide for your team with regular calls and implementation pointers. We can also built dynamic looker studio reports that boil down key KPI’s into an easy to understand way.

Can you help with setting up individual location reporting for a multi-location business?

We specialize in setting up tracking and reporting for national multi-location operations. These types of installations can get complicated and often require several tracking implementations to get the best reporting suite. This allows for corporate (national) holistic views of reports and the ability to segment all report data down to any one individual location. Additional sorting facets can also be implemented to allow for state level or regional views. Set up a call with us to learn more about how we build multi-location reporting systems.

Enhance your reporting and marketing intelligence.

Accurate measurement is critical to success in digital marketing. Easy-to-digest reporting that gives clear information on what is working, and what is not working can greatly improve marketing efforts for your organization.


What are some of the ways Caputo Digital can help with PPC reporting?

We specialize in customized PPC reporting dashboards for all types of businesses.

Finding PPC ROI

For many organizations, the sale does not happen for some time after a lead is generated. It’s common for PPC reporting to focus on the lead, its CPL, and conversion rate – we include these stats with all standard PPC reports, but also offer the ability to tie the lead through the sales process and use that information to get accurate PPC ROI  by campaign.

Measuring PPC for Multi-Location Operations

A common problem we help solve is measuring performance for multi-location businesses who each need individual ppc budgets and pacing.  We can help develop and track individual location budgets and monitor how each individual budget is pacing at scale.

What if my business primarily drives conversions through phone calls?

We partner will CallRail and utilize several custom integrations and APIs to bring the data into one place. We track all calls from paid ads, where they came from, and if that call resulted in a sale or lead. This information is later utilized to optimize campaigns and targeting strategy.  Most digital agencies will consider any call over x seconds a conversion, we don’t think this is accurate enough and take phone call reporting a step further. All calls for our clients are manually verified and tagged as a conversion or not.

  • Recordings of every call that comes in from an advertising campaign
  • Conversion reporting for phone calls via call recording review
  • Looker studio reports showing all paid call information
  • Conversion rates for phone calls

How can I better measure Local Service Ads at scale?

Service businesses trying to track and measure Local Service Ads at scale run into issues with the default dashboard google provides. We have developed LSA API connectors that enable you to pull multiple LSA profiles into a single reporting dashboard. We can also use a caller ID lookup against your CRM to automate connecting sales to LSA calls and display that information within your reporting.