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Google Analytics 4 Setup and Integration

Embrace the full capabilities of Google Analytics 4 with our expert setup and integration services. Transitioning from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 can be seamless with our assistance, as we customize the platform to align with your specific business objectives. Whether it’s a new installation or migrating from UA, we ensure your GA4 is accurately tracking and reporting essential data.

  • Efficient GA4 Installation: Seamless setup for new sites or transition from UA to GA4.
  • Custom Event Tracking: Setup for form interactions, button clicks, and more to capture vital user behaviors.
  • Historical Data Integration: Merging UA data with GA4 for consistent and comparative reporting.

Advanced GA4 Customization

Utilize GA4’s advanced capabilities for enhanced insights and decision-making. Our expertise lies in customizing GA4 for diverse business needs, from goal configuration to detailed reporting, including BigQuery integration for high-speed data analysis. Our approach ensures that your data is efficiently leveraged.

  • Looker Studio Reports: Simplified, comprehensive data analysis reports.
  • GA4 to BigQuery Synchronization: High-speed, advanced data reporting.
  • Goal Configuration and Reporting: Tailored goals and metrics for optimal GA4 use.
  • Multi-Location Brand Specialization: Custom solutions for location-specific

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Looker Studio Reports

Bring Your Marketing Reporting to the Next Level

Without configuration GA4 installations may not deliver the level of reporting needed to gain important marketing and user behaver insights. Almost every site or application can benefit from setting up custom events and views to monitor those events. GA4’s installation and set up process is more difficult than previous versions and professional consultation may be needed.

What we do best:

  • Multi-location Analytics: We can help with developing detailed reporting for multi-unit businesses with views for each individual location.
  • PPC Performance Measurement : Easy to understand views that utilize analytics data to make the most of your paid search campaigns
  • Looker Studio Reports: Simplify delivery and KPI’s for your team by setting up custom looker studio reports of the most important Analytics data.

Each custom reporting project is unique and no 2 are exactly the same. We will meet with your team to learn about your business and find the best approach to a reporting solution. Get started by setting up a free consultation call with our team.

How to get started with Analytics Consulting Services

Each project is unique, but most base installations start with the same process. We recommend most clients utilize Google Tag Manager along with their installation to better organize and manage scripts, events, and triggers.

1. Evaluating Your Current Analytics Set Up

Our first step is a comprehensive assessment by our analytics experts of your current setup, ranging from non-existent to highly complex systems. We’ll evaluate your existing configuration to identify areas for improvement or modification, aiming to enhance your data quality and reporting capabilities.

2. Analytics Configuration and Implementation

The scope of setting up and implementing your analytics system can vary significantly. While some projects might be completed in a day, others, especially complex ones, may require weeks and careful management. We’ll develop a clear plan, aligning with your team on goals and timelines, and then diligently work on implementing a tailored solution.

3. Custom Reporting and Ongoing Analysis

After your analytics system is operational, we focus on creating custom reports and training your team on interpreting and acting on the data. Regular reviews, ideally monthly, are recommended to keep you aligned with your analytics insights and ongoing strategy adjustments.