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Custom Marketing Report Development

At Caputo Digital, we specialize in creating custom marketing reports that bridge the gap between various systems, easing the workload on your team. Our reports allow marketers to focus on analyzing data, rather than spending time on building and modifying reports. By merging data across systems like Google Analytics, CRM, and sales processes, we provide comprehensive views that connect all aspects of your marketing strategy.

  • Data Merging Across Systems
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Detailed PPC Reporting
  • Local Service Ad Reports for Multi-Locations
  • BigQuery Reporting


Data-Driven Marketing ROI Analysis

Our approach to data analysis involves connecting your standard reporting data with backend systems to clearly highlight the ROI of your marketing efforts. This includes detailed analysis of paid marketing campaigns from platforms like Google Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads. We specialize in tying PPC ad spend to actual sales, providing valuable insights even for businesses with longer sales cycles.


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Tailored ROI Reporting: Connecting Investments to Outcomes

At Caputo Digital, we delve deep into the analytics of your marketing campaigns to provide a clear picture of your Return on Investment (ROI). Understanding the direct impact of your marketing spend on your business outcomes is crucial for strategic decision-making. Our approach meticulously connects the dots between your marketing initiatives and their outcomes, offering a detailed and transparent view of your marketing effectiveness.

Key Areas of Focus in ROI Analysis:

  • Google Ads Analysis: We link your Google Ads spend directly to conversions and sales, providing a granular view of campaign effectiveness.
  • Facebook Ads Tracking: Our methods track the performance of Facebook advertising investments, connecting them to specific business results.
  • Comprehensive PPC Overview: We encompass all PPC platforms, ensuring a complete analysis of expenditure against tangible business outcomes.
  • Sales Cycle Consideration: Our approach takes into account the length of your sales cycle, offering insights tailored to your unique business model.
  • Advanced Analytics Integration: By integrating sophisticated analytics tools, we trace the journey from click to customer, revealing the true value of each marketing channel.

Our goal is to turn data into insights, and insights into actionable strategies that maximize your marketing ROI. With Caputo Digital, you gain clarity on how every dollar spent contributes to your business growth.

Customized Reporting Solutions for Franchise and Multi-Location Businesses

Caputo Digital specializes in integrating analytics for franchise systems and multi-unit business models, particularly in service-based industries. Our unique offering includes the integration of Google Local Service Ads into a comprehensive view for franchises, directly linking these insights to custom backend systems. This capability is crucial for service-based franchises and businesses with multiple locations, delivering an in-depth analysis of advertising spend and ROI.

Key Features of Our Franchise and Multi-Unit Business Analytics:

  • Exclusive Google Local Service Ads Integration: Our solution offers a specialized multi-unit view of Google Local Service Ads, providing unmatched insights into ad performance and customer engagement.
  • ROI-Focused Reporting for Franchises: We accurately connect advertising efforts to sales, ensuring clear and precise ROI calculations for each franchise unit.
  • Custom Reports for Multi-Unit Businesses: Our tailored reports aggregate marketing data from all locations, offering a comprehensive performance overview for your franchise network.
  • Designed for Service-Based Franchises: Our analytics solutions are specifically beneficial for franchises in the service sector, aiding in strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Complete Data Integration: We seamlessly integrate all data sources, from various advertising platforms to internal business systems, for a holistic approach.

With Caputo Digital’s specialized analytics services, franchise owners and managers gain essential tools and insights. This enables them to fine-tune marketing strategies and maximize the effectiveness of marketing investments across all franchise locations.

Bring Your Marketing Reporting to the Next Level

Out-of-the box reporting solutions sometimes fail to fully connect all the data points required to get a holistic view of how your marketing efforts are performing. We specialize in finding solutions for businesses who need  more sophisticated reporting systems.

What we do best:

  • Multi-location reporting: We can help with developing detailed reporting for multi-unit businesses.
  • PPC Sales Tracking for Service Based Businesses : It can be difficult and expensive to fully connect PPC spend to the sale when the sales process takes time. We offer affordable solutions that connect the dots.
  • Transparent Reporting: Access to clear, real-time insights keeps you informed about your campaign’s performance, enabling data-driven decisions.

Each custom reporting project is unique and no 2 are exactly the same. We will meet with your team to learn about your business and find the best approach to a reporting solution. Get started by setting up a free consultation call with our team.

Starting Your Custom Reporting Journey with Caputo Digital

Embark on a journey of insightful data analysis with Caputo Digital. Our tailored approach to custom reporting transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights, guiding your strategic decisions. From our initial consultation to ongoing support, we focus on delivering personalized reporting solutions that align with your unique business goals, ensuring you harness the full potential of your data for optimal business growth.

1. Initial Consultation and Strategy Development

Begin your journey to custom reporting with an initial consultation with Caputo Digital. In this crucial first step, we’ll discuss your business objectives, current reporting systems, and the unique challenges you face. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring the development of a reporting strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals. This tailored approach sets the foundation for custom reports that deliver meaningful insights.

2. Data Integration and Report Design

Following the initial consultation, we move to the data integration and report design phase. Here, we’ll amalgamate data from various sources, such as your CRM, Google Analytics, and advertising platforms, ensuring a comprehensive view of your marketing performance. Our experts will then design custom reports that are not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to understand, providing you with the critical information needed to make informed decisions.

3. Implementation and Continuous Support

The final step involves the implementation of your custom reports and providing ongoing support. We ensure a seamless integration of these reports into your business processes, accompanied by training and guidance for your team. Our continuous support and periodic reviews allow for report optimization and updates, ensuring your custom reports evolve with your business and remain a vital tool for decision-making and strategy refinement. With Caputo Digital, you’re not just getting custom reports; you’re gaining a long-term partner in data-driven success.