Announcing Our New Era: Caputo Design is Now Caputo Digital

Announcing Our New Era: Caputo Design is Now Caputo Digital

Posted on December 11, 2023


A journey that began in 2010 under the banner of Caputo Design, marked by a fervent passion for website design and development, has evolved into a new epoch. Today, we proudly announce our transformation into Caputo Digital, a full-spectrum digital marketing agency.

Early Days and Core Focus

Caputo Design’s inception was driven by a singular focus on creating exceptional digital experiences through website design, mobile app development, and user interface innovations. Our early years were dedicated to setting high standards in these domains, consistently delivering projects that redefined digital interaction and design aesthetics.

Expansion and Finding Our Niche

As the digital landscape evolved, so did we. Recognizing a growing demand for comprehensive digital marketing services, Caputo Design expanded its horizons. We seamlessly integrated a broader range of services, transforming into a holistic digital marketing agency. This strategic shift was fueled by our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of user experience – a philosophy that has been our cornerstone since inception.

The Growth and Inclusion of Digital Marketing Services

Our foray into the world of digital marketing was marked by the introduction of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and data analytics. This expansion was not just an addition of services, but a fusion of our design prowess with cutting-edge marketing strategies. This unique blend allowed us to offer our clients an all-encompassing digital marketing solution, driving growth and enhancing their online presence.

Refocusing on Our Brand: The Birth of Caputo Digital

While we spent years focusing on the growth and success of our clients, our own brand evolution took a back seat. However, in 2023, we took a significant leap – rebranding ourselves as Caputo Digital. This rebranding is a reflection of our growth, our expanded service offerings, and our vision for the future. It symbolizes our transition from a design-focused agency to a comprehensive digital marketing powerhouse.


Today, as Caputo Digital, we stand at the forefront of digital marketing, offering a synergy of design, technology, and marketing expertise. Our evolution from Caputo Design to Caputo Digital is not just a change in name but a reaffirmation of our commitment to leading the digital marketing industry with innovation, creativity, and unparalleled service.

Join us in this exciting new chapter, as Caputo Digital continues to define the future of digital marketing. Let us help you navigate the digital world and transform your online presence.