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CertaPro’s Digital Journey with Caputo Digital: Amplifying Franchise Success

CertaPro Painters®, North America’s largest painting company, has over 400 locations across the US and Canada. Caputo Digital’s partnership has significantly enhanced the digital presence of 212 franchises and the overall brand. Our digital marketing strategies increased online growth. This page showcases the services we provided, pivotal in CertaPro’s digital transformation and business expansion.

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Snapshot of Success: Key Performance Highlights

000 K

Organic Leads


Franchises Managed

$ 000 MM

Revenue Driven

SEO Success Unleashed: A 944.4% Surge in Organic Visibility

In an impressive seven-year journey with Caputo Digital, CertaPro Painters has seen a phenomenal rise in organic search visibility, skyrocketing from a modest 1.8% in 2017 to an impressive 18.8% in 2023. This strategic SEO growth not only lifted them from the lower ranks among their competitors but also established them as a dominant force, now surpassing their nearest competitor by a significant 16%. This success underscores the power of our tailored SEO strategies in driving not just visibility but also setting new benchmarks in the highly competitive digital landscape.

Pay-Per-Click Excellence: Driving CertaPro’s Revenue and Lead Generation

Through our expert Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies, Caputo Digital has significantly propelled CertaPro Painters’ growth, driving an impressive $26.2 million in yearly PPC revenue. Our focused approach has not only maximized return on investment but also generated over 22,500 paid leads, exemplifying the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns. This success highlights our proficiency in leveraging PPC to achieve substantial financial outcomes and robust lead generation, further establishing CertaPro as a dominant player in their market.

A/B Testing Insights: Transforming Traffic into Leads with Strategic Optimizations

Discover how targeted A/B usability testing, particularly in optimizing website forms, significantly lifted conversion rates from 3.2% to 5.8%. This approach underscores the value of harnessing existing traffic more effectively, transforming website visits into a higher volume of quality leads. By focusing on smart design and continual testing, we demonstrate the potential of subtle yet impactful website modifications in amplifying lead generation and enhancing user experience.


My previous authorized digital vendor wasn't delivering results and was subsequently replaced, leading me to Caputo Design. This change turned out to be a blessing. The contrast in performance is stark; Caputo Design's expertise and commitment to adapting to evolving platforms and boosting our ROI every month is remarkable. The difference is beyond night and day. I'm just hoping my competitors don't catch on to them!

Dennis Mockler - CertaPro Painters of Charlotte / Matthews

Real Stories, Real Results: Client Testimonials

Discover firsthand the experiences and endorsements of business owners who’ve partnered with us, as they share their personal stories of growth and success with Caputo Digital.

  • Justin Enns

    CertaPro Painters of Calgary

    Caputo Digital transformed my online presence, tripling organic and PPC leads in the first year, with exceptional communication from their team and impressive growth results that I've recommended to many other business owners.

    145% Website Leads
    58% Revenue Growth
  • Kristine Dobbs

    CertaPro Painters of Nashville

    Caputo Digital worked wonders for our online presence, delivering outstanding results that tripled our organic and PPC leads in a year. Their expertise is unmatched, and we highly recommend their services to fellow businesses.

    185% Website Leads
    67% Revenue Growth
  • Dan Hutchins

    CertaPro Painters of North San Diego

    We owe our digital success to Caputo Digital, who transformed our online presence. With their expertise, we tripled our organic and PPC leads within a year. Their dedication and results speak for themselves, and we're proud to recommend them.

    99% Website Leads
    108% Revenue Growth

Inside Our Strategy: Key Questions Answered

Explore the essential questions and answers that highlight Caputo Digital’s strategic approach to transforming CertaPro Painters’ digital marketing landscape, showcasing our impact and the significant achievements realized.

How did you enhance CertaPro's PPC campaigns?

For CertaPro, our primary focus in PPC was to maximize ROI. We implemented targeted ad strategies, optimizing for high-performing keywords and refining audience targeting. This approach not only increased the click-through rate but also significantly boosted conversions, leading to a substantial increase in revenue. Our ongoing analysis and adjustments ensured sustained success in their PPC efforts.

What strategies did you use to improve CertaPro's website conversion rates?

Our approach involved A/B testing and user experience optimization. By experimenting with different layouts, call-to-action placements, and content structures, we identified the most effective combinations. This led to a notable increase in the website’s conversion rate, turning more visitors into leads.

Can you describe a significant challenge you overcame in digital marketing for CertaPro?

A major challenge was managing and optimizing their extensive online presence across hundreds of franchises. We developed a comprehensive digital strategy that included localized SEO, content marketing, and social media management tailored to each franchise. This approach ensured a cohesive brand message while addressing the unique needs of each location, significantly enhancing their overall digital footprint.

What was the largest SEO project you completed for CertaPro?

The most extensive project was migrating 400 franchise locations from subdomains to subdirectories over six months. This strategic move aimed to consolidate SEO efforts under one main domain, enhancing the overall site’s search visibility while maintaining each franchise’s unique web presence. The project required careful planning and execution to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption, ultimately proving successful in strengthening the brand’s online presence. Such projects, demanding both time and expertise, significantly impact the SEO landscape for large, multi-location systems.