Empire Beauty School Digital Marketing Success Story

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Empire Beauty School’s Success Story

Empire Beauty School’s digital presence has been revolutionized through our focused SEO and content development efforts. By enhancing their online visibility with optimized, engaging content, we’ve positioned Empire as a leading authority in beauty education. Additionally, our meticulous A/B testing has been central to optimizing their website’s conversion rates. This strategic approach has not only improved user engagement but also significantly increased conversions, demonstrating the power of combining SEO excellence with conversion rate optimization.

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Snapshot of Success: Key Performance Highlights

000 K

Leads in 2 Years

000 % Increased

Conversion Rate

000 % Increased

Organic Visibility

SEO Success: Surpassing Competitors with a 72.3% Jump in Visibility

Empire Beauty School, in partnership with Caputo Digital, has dramatically enhanced its organic search visibility, climbing from 30.79% to an impressive 53.08%. This substantial increase of over 20% in visibility, achieved amid competitors’ declining presence—the largest drop being 33%—highlights the success of our customized SEO strategies. This remarkable improvement in organic search performance not only demonstrates our ability to significantly boost visibility but also solidifies Empire Beauty School’s strong competitive position in the beauty education sector.

Optimizing Engagement: A/B Testing for Conversion Success

Our targeted A/B testing played a crucial role in enhancing user engagement and conversion rates for Empire Beauty School. Key to this success was the revamp of the schools page, where repositioning the form higher up significantly increased conversions. Another major achievement was the update of the ‘Apply Now’ page, which resulted in a 15.5% uplift in conversion rate. These strategic changes, focused on user experience and conversion optimization, demonstrate the impactful role of A/B testing in fine-tuning web elements for optimal performance and user response.

Advanced Web Application Development: Crafting BeautyCareer.com

Leveraging our team’s expertise in advanced web development, we partnered with Empire Beauty School to create BeautyCareer.com. This project showcased our skills in front-end and back-end development, ensuring a seamless, intuitive user experience. Our developers implemented the latest web technologies for efficient resume building, job searching, and application processes, tailoring the site to the unique needs of stylists and alumni. BeautyCareer.com stands as a testament to our ability to craft sophisticated web applications that not only meet but exceed client expectations in functionality and design.


An incredible organization of knowing and capable professionals. Enough said! Contact them ASAP to get your marketing on track. You're going to get not only ideas but the execution for real world results to your organization or business!

Kyle Schoeneman - Executive Vice President - Empire Beauty School

Real Stories, Real Results: Client Testimonials

Discover firsthand the experiences and endorsements of business owners who’ve partnered with us, as they share their personal stories of growth and success with Caputo Digital.

  • Justin Enns

    CertaPro Painters of Calgary

    Caputo Digital transformed my online presence, tripling organic and PPC leads in the first year, with exceptional communication from their team and impressive growth results that I've recommended to many other business owners.

    145% Website Leads
    58% Revenue Growth
  • Dylan Ritter

    CertaPro Painters of Nashville

    Caputo Digital worked wonders for our online presence, delivering outstanding results that tripled our organic and PPC leads in a year. Their expertise is unmatched, and we highly recommend their services to fellow businesses.

    185% Website Leads
    67% Revenue Growth
  • Dan Hutchins

    CertaPro Painters of North San Diego

    We owe our digital success to Caputo Digital, who transformed our online presence. With their expertise, we tripled our organic and PPC leads within a year. Their dedication and results speak for themselves, and we're proud to recommend them.

    99% Website Leads
    108% Revenue Growth

Digital Solutions Unveiled: Empire Beauty School’s Collaborative Success with Caputo Digital

Explore our journey with Empire Beauty School as we delve into an interactive Q&A, revealing the impactful results of our web development, A/B testing, SEO, and content strategy efforts.

Can you describe the role of SEO and content development in Empire Beauty School's digital presence?

SEO and content development were integral to boosting Empire Beauty School’s online visibility. Our strategy included optimizing web content with targeted keywords, enhancing site structure for better search engine indexing, and creating valuable, engaging content. These efforts led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, helping Empire Beauty School to stand out in a competitive educational landscape.

What was the impact of your A/B testing on Empire Beauty School's website conversion rates?

Through A/B testing, we identified key elements that significantly increased conversion rates on Empire Beauty School’s website. Our tests on the schools page and the ‘Apply Now’ page, for instance, led to a more intuitive layout and user journey, resulting in a 15.5% increase in conversion rates. This data-driven approach enabled us to refine user interactions and optimize the website for higher engagement and conversions.

How did Caputo Digital's web development skills enhance the functionality of Empire Beauty School's digital platforms?

Our web development expertise played a pivotal role in enhancing the functionality and user experience of Empire Beauty School’s digital platforms. We employed advanced front-end and back-end development techniques, focusing on responsive design, seamless navigation, and efficient data handling. This led to the creation of user-friendly websites and applications like BeautyCareer.com, significantly improving the online journey for students and alumni.