Inovalon's Inspiring Digital Marketing Success Story

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Inovalon’s Success Story

Inovalon, a healthcare technology leader, has significantly enhanced its digital footprint through Caputo Digital’s tailored SEO and PPC strategies. These efforts have notably improved Inovalon’s online presence and user engagement, highlighting their innovative solutions in healthcare analytics. This page focuses on our key SEO and PPC contributions, instrumental in elevating Inovalon’s digital reach and industry standing.

Discover the specific services we implemented for Inovalon below, illustrating our impact on their digital success and industry influence.

Snapshot of Success: Key Performance Highlights

000 % Increase

PPC Conversion Rate

000 K leads

PPC Leads Driven

000 K leads

Organic Leads Driven

SEO Excellence Realized: A 159% Growth in Organic Traffic

Inovalon’s digital landscape was transformed through strategic SEO efforts, more than doubling organic traffic through with a content focused organic search strategy. This growth was achieved via close collaboration with the Inovalon digital marketing team where we worked as a team to outline where and what to focus on.  Our plan focused heavily on widening the non-branded keyword profile of the website via addressing relevant high intent search terms via informative and helpful website content.  Inovalon also had several website migrations over the last few years where we played a key role in consulting on how to preserve domain name changes, content migrations, meta data, and redirection plans.

Maximizing PPC Impact: Inovalon’s Leap in Conversion and ROI

Inovalon experienced a significant boost in their PPC campaign effectiveness through a dual strategy of account optimization and landing page development. By intricately blending these two approaches, we elevated their conversion rate from 1.01% to 4.38%. This substantial increase not only enhanced the effectiveness of their paid campaigns but also led to a considerable improvement in ROI. The results reflect the power of combining meticulous PPC account management with tailored landing page design, demonstrating a successful model for driving higher conversion rates and maximizing campaign returns.

Data-Driven Decisions: Elevating PPC with Advanced Reporting

Harnessing the power of advanced reporting, Caputo Digital has revolutionized the way Inovalon perceives PPC campaign effectiveness. By integrating Microsoft and Google Ads into a custom analytics system using Looker Studio, we’ve provided granular insights into revenue generation by keyword. This integration allows for unparalleled optimization, leveraging backend metrics to refine strategies right down to the keyword level, ensuring each decision is informed by comprehensive data analysis and fostering optimal campaign performance.


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Test User - Director of Marketing at Inovalon

Real Stories, Real Results: Client Testimonials

Discover firsthand the experiences and endorsements of business owners who’ve partnered with us, as they share their personal stories of growth and success with Caputo Digital.

  • Justin Enns

    CertaPro Painters of Calgary

    Caputo Digital transformed my online presence, tripling organic and PPC leads in the first year, with exceptional communication from their team and impressive growth results that I've recommended to many other business owners.

    145% Website Leads
    58% Revenue Growth
  • Dylan Ritter

    CertaPro Painters of Nashville

    Caputo Digital worked wonders for our online presence, delivering outstanding results that tripled our organic and PPC leads in a year. Their expertise is unmatched, and we highly recommend their services to fellow businesses.

    185% Website Leads
    67% Revenue Growth
  • Dan Hutchins

    CertaPro Painters of North San Diego

    We owe our digital success to Caputo Digital, who transformed our online presence. With their expertise, we tripled our organic and PPC leads within a year. Their dedication and results speak for themselves, and we're proud to recommend them.

    99% Website Leads
    108% Revenue Growth

Strategic Insights: Inovalon’s Digital Marketing Breakthroughs

Explore the in-depth Q&A that sheds light on the transformative strategies behind Inovalon’s digital marketing triumphs—from SEO optimization to PPC achievements and beyond.

What were the critical components of your SEO strategy for Inovalon?

Our comprehensive SEO strategy for Inovalon was rooted in a deep analysis of their market position and competitive landscape. We developed a robust plan that included on-page optimizations, strategic keyword targeting, and technical SEO enhancements. By creating high-quality content tailored to their audience, we improved organic engagement and established Inovalon as a thought leader.

How did PPC campaigns contribute to Inovalon's digital marketing success?

For Inovalon’s PPC campaigns, our strategy centered around maximizing the relevance and efficiency of each ad. We conducted thorough keyword research to align with user intent, crafted compelling ad copy, and optimized landing pages to improve quality scores. By utilizing smart bidding strategies and adjusting campaigns in real-time based on performance data, we ensured that Inovalon’s ads reached their ideal customers with precision. Our regular campaign reviews and data-driven refinements contributed to a steady increase in conversion rates, significantly enhancing the ROI of their PPC investments.

Can you describe the landing page optimization process for Inovalon?

Landing page optimization was pivotal in elevating Inovalon’s user experience and conversion rates. We utilized heat mapping and user feedback to understand how visitors interacted with the pages. Through iterative A/B testing, we identified the most effective elements that drive user action—from button colors and call-to-actions to form fields and page layouts. Our data-driven approach to content hierarchy and messaging fine-tuned user pathways, reducing bounce rates and improving the overall conversion funnel.

What role did custom reporting play in Inovalon's marketing strategy?

Custom reporting transformed Inovalon’s approach to data analysis and campaign management. By integrating their advertising data with a custom-built dashboard in Looker Studio, we provided a clear view of campaign performance down to the keyword level. This level of detail allowed us to attribute revenue to specific keywords accurately, uncovering the true value of each aspect of their campaigns. With this granular insight, we could reallocate budgets, pause underperforming keywords, and scale up the high-performers, thus optimizing Inovalon’s marketing spend and enhancing campaign efficacy.