Importance SEO & Analytics

Importance SEO & Analytics

Posted on November 1, 2016

What is SEO?

What exactly is SEO and how will it help you? SEO & analytics are tools, specifically key words that will guide traffic to your site, thereby enabling customers to make data driven decisions, i.e., they’re directed to your page, which stands out when working in conjunction with Google ad words and increased traffic leads to increased revenue.

Our team of designers creates website content that will enhance these features and help optimize SEO algorithms to give you the site statistics you need. For example, if you sell chocolate chip cookies, there may be key words that when combined together will sell your cookies aside from ‘chocolate,’ ‘chip’ and ‘cookies,’ like ‘free shipping,’ or ‘cheap cookies.’ On the back end, when you then look at your statistics, you can see how using these grouped words send traffic to your business and then use them more often. And please send your cookies to your designers and developers. That helps, too!

On Page SEO

These are the key elements we focus on to assure your page is structured properly. Title tags and meta data are where we carefully select descriptive tags that search engines will pick up on. Image alt tags are another area where we add a label to the ALT description of your image. In the event someone is looking for images of those cookies we previously mentioned, your image may rank higher if we add text like ‘chocolate chip cookies image,’ because if that’s what someone is searching for online, that will come up.

Additional elements we focus on include the semantic structure of HTML, which is the proper hierarchy of headings with optimal keyword usage and responsive design, as search engines tend to prefer sites with good mobile UX. We also consider quality content to ensure we create text that people care about and want to share with others and navigation structure and phrasing, which is the layout and word choice for your navigation items.

Keywords & Social Media

Have you ever heard of schema? Schema is another feature we utilize as markups, where applicable, help search engines to find your pages. And just because we want your website to be the best, we also focus on keyword research to find what’s trending and will help to send traffic to your business. Remember the cookies we mentioned, while they might be trending now because people are giving holiday gifts, they might not trend well in January when people don’t want sugar as they’re focusing on New Year’s resolutions. We want your site to have the highest rank in search results, so we’ll plug in key words to ensure it does.

Another area where we focus on matching your company and image brand is through social media. If you have a site, for example, that has great photography, we might suggest you use apps like Pinterest or Instagram where you can share your images online. Customers love finding new images they can share with family and friends and this is another way we can target more traffic to your business. Now, if your business was an oil refinery, that might not work, but we may suggest apps that will give your customers financial data or real-time market information they need relevant to their field or business.

Website Analytics

Caputo Design wants to help your business grow and that’s why we always set you up with Google Analytics. These are the reports used to help optimize your website and can include who visits your site, where the traffic is coming from, what pages they visited and how long they were there. Site traffic data of this type is important if you find for example, you have lagging sales. You can actually tell where customers drop off. Maybe there’s an issue with your shopping cart that needs to be fixed and they can’t check out so they just move on.

Site analytics can also tell if they are using social media, sharing your product pages and so forth. By strategizing your marketing efforts around your incoming traffic you can better direct them in navigating your site, viewing your blog, sharing your information and making purchases. These tools are not just there to monitor how your site is doing, but help us shape it to fit your customers over time.