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How to Improve Your SEO

It is crucial for your website to continue to grow and change in order to improve your organic rank and satisfy what your customers want. In order to assist you in improving your website, we have created a video that describes the areas that you can focus on to help build your online presence. This page will break down each of those sections with a description of how to improve, examples of successful pages and a new step by step tool that allows you to easily send us the information and files we need to improve your website.

Portfolio Updates

Your portfolio is a showcase of your product. This is what your customers look for to see the quality and style of work you create. The portfolio should be setup with an individual project that has multiple images per project with details written about it.

Portfolio Builder

Areas Served Pages

One of the most important sections of your site for Local SEO is your Areas Served pages. While we are currently working on getting every page on your site customized, we need your local expertise to have these pages make a big impact.

Areas Served Page Builder

Case Studies

While your portfolio creates a gallery of your work, a case study goes into much more detail on an individual project. This is a great way to create trust with commercial clients and boost our local content for SEO.

Case Study Builder

Community Updates

The community section of your site is a great opportunity to create a steady stream of localized content. Our team will work on creating articles each month about general services, but the more localized this content becomes, the more valuable this section can be. We will break down the types of content you can send in below.

Community Post Builder

Local Service Page

As our sites migrated to a subdirectory, our service pages became universal. This is necessary to eliminate duplicate content across all the sites. We can begin creating customized service pages with unique local content.

Local Service Page Builder

Team Page

The team page of your site is highest visited page other than the homepage across the system. Local customers want to learn more about who is coming to their home and who is going to be beautifying their home. It is crucial to keep this page up to date with the following items:

Team Page Builder