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Step 1: The Blueprint

Like a building a house it is important to start with a blueprint of your application. Rather than starting the project showing any form of design (color, images, etc), we want to focus on how the interface will work and how the elements will be organized.


Wireframing is the instance in which simple block diagrams are shown in order to illustrate exactly where specific elements in a user interface are placed, as well as demonstrating a solution’s functionality and intended layout.

Step 2: Design

Once the wireframes are completed we move onto the hi-fidelity mockup stage of your project.

Hi-fidelity Mockup

High-fidelity mockups are meant to be a “pixel perfect” representation of your application. We can now implement the design into the function we created in our wireframes. This is the final outline before the development process, so most details and decisions will be finalized here.

Step 3: Development

Once the design and structure are complete we begin the development of your application.

Font-end Development

Also known as client-side development, this is where we take your hi-fidelity mockups and code them using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. This stage is where you start to see things come together in your web browser.

Back-end Development

Just like the blueprint we create for the design of the application, our development team will create development models to map out how the structure of your application will function. They will work with the front-end developers to create the actual application on a development server.

Step 4: Review & Launch

The final step of the project is for our team to make sure the application is ready to launch. We will work together to find and fix any bugs or errors in order to get your application ready to launch.

Launching your application

We have finally made it! All the hard work, long hours and dedication are going to be worth it at this step. This is where the dream becomes a reality and your idea is ready to go into action.

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