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Collaborating for Digital Excellence – Meet the Minds Behind the Magic: A Team of Visionaries, Innovators, and Experts in Digital Marketing

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  • Rich Caputo


    Rich's journey through two dynamic decades in marketing has kindled a deep-seated love for all things digital. With a seasoned eye, he spotted a unique opportunity to offer something different—thus, Caputo Digital was born. It's here that Rich's vision comes to life: a place where clients' distinct needs are met with tailor-made, all-encompassing digital strategies, a fresh take that he felt was missing in the traditional corporate landscape.

  • Mark Castaldo

    Vice President

    Mark's proficiency in web development and SEO shines as he steers Caputo Digital's Marketing and Development as Vice President. At the forefront of SEO and web innovation, Mark's strategic acumen propels projects to the top tiers of search engine rankings. His result-oriented leadership is all about elevating your digital presence, crafting impactful online narratives that drive visibility and engagement.

  • Mark Kranjcec

    Director of Digital marketing

    Mark is an accomplished Director of Digital Marketing with over 20 years of experience, where he has excelled in managing teams and driving successful campaigns. His leadership and strategic vision have been pivotal in steering projects to new heights and achieving exceptional results. Mark's extensive experience and insight into market trends make him an invaluable leader in shaping the future of digital marketing strategies.

  • Sam Garza

    SEO Specialist

    Sam, our SEO Specialist, brings an unmatched passion and energy to optimizing websites for top search engine rankings. His expertise in SEO tactics and strategies is not just about increasing visibility and organic traffic; it's a testament to his enthusiasm and dedication to seeing clients across various industries succeed in the digital landscape.

  • Brittany Guntang

    SEO Specialist

    Brittany is a dynamic SEO Specialist, renowned for her ability to blend cutting-edge SEO strategies with a deep understanding of digital marketing. Her skill in elevating website rankings and driving targeted traffic has made her an invaluable asset to clients across multiple industries.

  • Dean Ayer

    SEO Specialist

    Dean is a seasoned SEO Specialist with over two decades of expertise in optimizing websites for search engines. His extensive experience and deep understanding of SEO tactics have consistently driven significant online traffic and engagement for a diverse range of clients.

  • Tim Gilson

    PPC Specialist

    Tim is a skilled PPC and Facebook Ads Specialist, known for his expertise in creating targeted, high-converting ad campaigns that maximize ROI. His deep understanding of pay-per-click strategies and Facebook's advertising platform has consistently delivered outstanding results for clients.

  • Mica Daleiden

    Sr. PPC Specialist

    Mica is a Senior PPC Specialist whose advanced skills and strategic approach have consistently driven outstanding campaign performance and maximized ROI. With a focus on data-driven decision-making, Mica excels in creating and managing high-impact pay-per-click campaigns that effectively reach target audiences.

  • Taylor Rose

    SEO Specialist

    Taylor is an innovative SEO Specialist known for their strategic and creative approach to enhancing website visibility and search engine rankings. With a keen eye for the latest trends and techniques in SEO, Taylor has effectively boosted online presence for various clients.

  • Elijah Rosario

    SEO Specialist

    Elijah is a highly proficient SEO Specialist, known for his ability to enhance website visibility and user engagement through innovative SEO techniques. His expertise in aligning SEO strategies with business goals has significantly increased online presence and success for numerous clients.

  • Nathan Hemminger

    SEO Specialist

    Nathan is a dedicated SEO specialist, celebrated for his strategic approach in enhancing website visibility and attracting user engagement. His mastery in integrating SEO tactics with business objectives has significantly amplified online success for many clients, establishing a robust digital footprint across various industries.

  • Vince Pino-Manthy

    SEO Specialist

    Vince is skilled SEO specialist, known for elevating website rankings and enhancing user engagement. Through his strategic application of SEO practices, he amplifies online visibility across various sectors. His expertise in content optimization ensure a commanding digital presence for brands.

  • Abby Jones

    SEO Specialist / Copy Writer

    Abby is a talented Content Writer and SEO Specialist, adept at crafting engaging, SEO-optimized content that boosts website visibility and audience engagement. Her unique combination of writing prowess and SEO knowledge makes her an invaluable asset in creating content that resonates with both search engines and readers.

  • Jessica Mills


    Jessica is a talented copywriter whose compelling and SEO-friendly content consistently captivates audiences and enhances brand visibility. Her expertise in crafting engaging narratives seamlessly integrates with strategic marketing goals, making her a key player in driving digital success.

  • AJ Schleich

    Web Developer

    AJ is a skilled Web Developer, proficient in designing and implementing innovative, user-friendly websites. His expertise in coding, website architecture, and responsive design ensures that each project is not only visually appealing but also highly functional and effective in meeting business goals.

  • Heather Caputo

    SEO / Social / Email Specialist

    Heather is a versatile specialist skilled in social media, SEO, and email marketing, adept at crafting strategies that enhance online presence and engagement across multiple platforms. Her unique ability to integrate these diverse digital marketing elements ensures a cohesive and effective online brand experience.

  • David Dikov

    PPC Specialist

    David is a PPC Specialist known for his expertise in creating targeted and effective pay-per-click campaigns that drive conversions and maximize ROI. His strategic approach and deep understanding of PPC platforms have consistently delivered outstanding results for clients.

  • CJ Williams

    Marketing Assistant

    CJ is our Marketing Assistant, known for their exceptional organizational skills and ability to support various marketing initiatives effectively. Their proactive approach and keen attention to detail make them an invaluable asset to the team, contributing significantly to the success of our marketing strategies.