Why Responsive Design is Important

Why Responsive Design is Important

Posted on November 19, 2016

What is Responsive Design

Responsive web design means being able to use a website and all its features whether you’re on a tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop. We create one website that is designed to work on any device your clients are using. With the increase in popularity of smart phones and tablets, responsive design is becoming the new norm. Responsive design means you only need one website design for your business because it can be easily read and interfaced with on any platform.

Benefits of Responsive DesignResponsive Web Design

The greatest benefit of a responsive web site is the ease of use for the client or customer. When they look at your website on their phone, they should have the same experience as if they were on their desktop. Customers should be able to use every feature of your website on any device. At Caputo Design, we’ll work around the clock to ensure every area of your website, E-commerce platform or blog is running smoothly and integrates accordingly. Having continuity creates a memorable user experience that helps you maintain current customers and gain new ones.

Why Businesses Need to Switch to Responsive

If you haven’t upgraded your website recently, now is the time for responsive design. This is especially true if your sales are lagging or traffic to your website is low. When everyone was using desktops, having a basic web page was fine. Now that shoppers use their smart phones to purchase products, your website needs to keep up or it will be left behind. With the shift over to mobile devices, you customers won’t see your website if it isn’t viewable on all types of devices. You risk your customers switching to the competition.

Responsive design lets developers create websites where your customers can engage in every feature available on every type of computer or device. You don’t need a separate desktop version and mobile version of your website. Customers and clients will have continuity in their experience no matter where they choose to use your website. The most important thing, you won’t lose sales to clunky design or a website that just doesn’t work. Keep your customers coming back with an intuitive design that works on all platforms.